Marketing Consultation

Cost Control

Customized Consultation for business budget, cost analysis, minimize cost and increase profit.

Full Package :

i. Analyze brand’s current budget allocation, production costs, fixed and variable expenses.

ii. Identify expenses that can be reduced or replaced.

iii. Develop more efficient plans to reduce expenses.

iv. Recommend effective budget allocation based on your business needs.



Brand and Communication Development

Customized Consultation for brand positioning, market segmentation targeting, and digital communication strategies.

Full Package :

i. Distinguish Brand Positioning – brand identity, mission, vision, and values.

ii. Identify Target Markets – geographic market research, industry business reports and analysis.

iii. Define Target Consumer – consumer marketing research, consumer behavior analysis, and consumer profile development.

iv. Deliver The Message – communication strategies (Instagram, Tiktok, Website, Email marketing), brand campaign development, collaboration strategies, and press release.



Sales Development

Customized Consultation for retail, wholesale, and E-commerce strategies.

Full Package :

i. Analyze the current business performance, distribution channels, and promotion strategies of your brand.

ii. Fashion industry retail and wholesale business information specifically for startup brands.

iii. Develop efficient sales strategies for your brand - retail, wholesale, and E-commerce.

iv. Monitor brand performance with new strategies in on-going process.

v. Competitor analysis.



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