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  • Gaultier is my dad top
  • Gaultier is my dad top
  • Gaultier is my dad top

Gaultier is my dad top

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This piece is an experimental artefact inspired by London’s rave nights, designed to embrace chaos over comfort or practicality. Anticipate a unique wearing experience — it’s a departure from your typical T-shirt, so don’t be surprised by the unconventional fit.

Each garment is made to order from a unique selection of waste, and scrap pieces gathered from past collections or divers fabric and haberdashery hoarded in our adventure around London. Each item is unique, don’t anticipate an exact replication of the model on display.

Each piece was designed to be adaptable in size for it to last through time and will be crafted to fit your specific measurements.

This item is hand-crafted in London and represents about 8 hours of work.

Description: Adaptable ribbon top. Denim pieces for the neck and back as well as for the armpit and side. Raw edges.

Material: Denim, polyester ribbon, metallic eyelet

Dispatch Time: 3 weeks from the order 

Care instruction: Hand wash or dry cleaner

Size: Size adaptable - please provide your neck, armpit, chest, hips and waist size